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A Residential & Commerical Proerty Management Company
Rent to Own Program

Our Rent to Own program is very simple.

This is How It Works:

  • You, the resident, state your interest in purchasing the home you are currently in or the one you intend to rent.
  • You are then given a price, in writing, for the home. If you agree the price is fair, you state your interest to be included in the Rent to Own Program.  At that time you pay a $100 dollar option fee. This fee is returned to you at the time of closing on the property.
  • You sign a Rental Rebate Option to Purchase Real Estate Agreement  along with your 24 month rental lease.
  • Since the House is purchased directly from us with no realtors and/or no commissions, you, our resident, receives 1/3 credit at the time of closing for each on time rental payments made during your 24 month lease.

For example: Your Rental House price $150,000 and the lease amount is set at $900 per month. You receive a $300 per month credit times 24 months of on time lease payments or $7,200. This can be used as a down payment at the time of closing (buying ) the property. We didn't forget about the $100 option fee which is return to you at the time of the closing as well.  Sounds great; well it is!

Steps to renting your new Home or Apartment:

1.     Call or email the Leasing office with the property you are interested in

2.     View the prospective apartment or home with one of our qualified leasing agents.

3.     Fill out the Rental Application.
4.     Our  office  will  then  process  your application  within approximately  24  
          hours.  All applications are subject to acceptance or rejection and approval
          is based on  the following: Credit Rating, Length of Time on Job, Your Income
          to Debit Ratio and Prior Tenancy.

5.     Once approved you will sign your lease and pay the required deposit within 72 hours 
3 days) of acceptance.  Short or full term leases available.  (A premium is required
all short term leases)

6.     Move in, within 15 days, of property readiness.

If interested in Rent to Own program the following two additional steps would be necessary


  1. Sign the Rental Rebate Option to Purchase Real Estate Agreement  and 24 month lease within 72 hours (3 Days) of acceptance.

  2. Pay Lease Option Fee of $100 dollars

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